Bodycam Footage Released of Unarmed Black Man Killed – Herbert Gilbert of Thomasville GA.

Bodycam footage finally released after the Final verdict that killing Herbert “Pop” Gilbert was justified in May 2018.

(After reading and watching the video.  You must ask yourself:

  • Do their story align with what just happened?
  • Why was there only 1 body-cam released?
  • Was agent Smith truthful in his statement?
  • Why was there a mistrial?
  • Was there a school bus present?
  • Was 9 shots necessary?



The Thomasville Times papers quote!

“Agents left the residence because of the sirens.

An agent attempted to get Gilbert out of the vehicle.

“No force of any type was used by the officers,” the presentment stated.

Gilbert then “reversed his vehicle and then accelerated forward,” hitting Schofill’s vehicle in an attempt to flee. Schofill also accelerated, attempting to stop Gilbert.

Smith moved in front of the vehicle and attempted to get to the driver’s side, ordering Gilbert to get out. The left side of Gilbert’s vehicle was blocked by a utility pole and Smith realized he was trying to get out on the vehicle’s right side, the presentment stated.

“Agent Smith was located between both of the vehicles and was concerned that if Mr. Gilbert accelerated forward, he would not have a safe route to retreat and, consequently, he believed that he would receive serious bodily injury or be killed,” the presentment continued.

black lives matter march

Agent Smith fired seven rounds into the windshield in rapid succession as he was getting out of the way of the vehicle and fired the final round in the passenger window as the car went by him,” the presentment stated.

No school bus was in the immediate area during the time of the incident, the presentment stated.”

Read full article here
By Jordan Barela

march at court house

It’s quite evident that the killings of unarmed black men are trending with the hashtag #Justified with it.  What will be done about these injustices happening in out communities?  How long are we going to let these horrific and malicious killings go on in our community?  Is it fair that one family grieves while the other sleeps comfortable? What do you think should happen?

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