What’s Your Skintype?

“Skin Type 1 Very Dry
Characteristics: Oil zone is limited to the nose area, if oil surfaces at all, it is in the evening, follicles are not visible
Common Problems: Small blackheads in the nasal area, skin tendency towards deep hydration, wrinkles and lines are the predominant problem
Goal: Rehydrate to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines, combat deep dehydration, dissolve small blackheads

Skin Type 2 Dry
Characteristics: Oil zone includes the nose to the inside corner of the eyes, oil surfaces around 4 pm or 8 hrs after cleansing, follicles are small
Common Problems: Small resistive blackheads and milia are common in the oil zone, skin is surface dehydrated
Goal: Normalize the moisture level in the surface skin cells to dissolve small resistive blackheads, loosen milia for easy removal, combat surface dehydration

Skin Type 3 Normal
Characteristics: Oil zone includes the nose to the inside of the iris of the eyes, oil surfaces around 2 pm or 6 hrs after cleansing, follicles are normal size
Common Problems: Resistive blackheads and milia are common in th oil zone, skin is oilier in warm weather
Goal: Maintain a normal skin condition to keep the skin in optimal shape, balance oil production year round

Skin Type 4 Oily
Characteristics: Oil zone includes the nose to the outside edge of the iris of the eyes, oil surfaces around noon or 4 hours after cleansing, follicles are slightly enlarged
Common Problems: Resistive blackheads and milia are common in the oil zone, prone to breakouts
Goal: Nomalize the skin’s secretions to prevent excess oiliness and dehydration to discourage formation of blackheads, minimize breakout

Skin Type 5 Very Oily
Characteristics: Oil zone covers whole surface of the face, oil surfaces almost immediately after cleansing, follicles are very large and visible
Commom Problems: Blackheads are common in the oil zone, skin has an orange peel appearance, prone to breakouts, skin is greasy
Goal: Control the excess oil production to discourage the formation of blackheads, eliminate the greasy feeling, minimize breakouts”

Know your skin type to get the right skincare regimen. Not knowing your skin type and using the wrong skincare regimen could cause breakout and not getting the proper balance.

~Only Your X Skincare


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