Lashawn “Gigglez” Leavine Is Hip Hop Favorite PR

Lashawn “Gigi” Leavine has spent the years improving and reforming her talents that will benefit her career with TV Productions, Marketing, Public Speaking, Pro-Tools, Graphic Arts/Multi Media Design, and Radio Broadcasting. And to this very day she is still learning from them all. In 2003 she birthed Gigglez Entertainment, a consultant and promotional company where she could help inspire others pursuing their dreams. During her continuous networking to broaden her horizon, in 2005 Gigi took an internship position with Sean “Joblo” Johnson’s consultant company JoBlo Entertainment in Atlanta, Georgia, where he took the new protégé under his wing and taught her the ends and outs of today’s entertainment business.
Came 2010, Gigi’s company Gigglez.Ent presented to its supporters B100Radio, a promotional internet radio broadcast for independent artist looking to have more exposure. With over 10,000 reviews in the first 7months, B100Radio has had appearances from representatives of labels such as Def Jam, Knovict Records, WuTang, The Dungeon Family, Zaytown USA, and rapper T.I.’s Grand Hustle. The platform to its success has been on a rise with earned opportunities to show off the talents that God has blessed the world with. Gigi is a true diamond in the rough whose light is starting to shine bright. With that being said, she still and forever will leave a mark on the world. There is no stopping something that God has ordained and highly favored.
Career mentored by producers such as Rodney & Freddie Jerkins (Darkchild), Ivan Barias & Carvin Haggins (Home Cooking), Sean “JoBlo” Johnson (JoBlo Entertainment), Isaac Hayes III (Chartcontrol Records), Roy & RiffRaph Hamilton, & also Zaytoven (Zaytown USA), they all have played a major part in the inspiration and development of her career. Over the years Gigi has been found working side by side, if not partying & socializing with them and artist from Kid Capri to Jazze Pha, Musiq SoulChild, Kangol Kid, The Spinners, Irv Gotti, Polo da Don, Keri Hilson, Neyo, Ludacris, and many more.

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